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You're here and we're glad.

The Teen Suicide Prevention Society was created to provide stigma-free, pure-prevention programs, books, and products designed to help you easily start "suicide proofing" your friends, family, team, and yourself.

Our goal is to put a buffer between them and the edge, so you never have to talk them off the ledge.

We started with a simple idea: What if, instead of teaching you what signs to look for and ways to intervene, we simply gave you ways to start talking about suicide in a way that didn't assume someone was "at risk?"

You asked for ways to break the silence, and we gathered your inspiring stories into a book designed to help break the silence. It became an instant bestseller and then languished.

We sensed that you needed more support, so we built a program designed to make you a more effective advocate for your teen's mental health. The program won awards but didn't attract many students.

We knew we didn't know enough, so we started interviewing experts on teen suicide intervention, mental health, and every aspect of what makes us all happier, healthier, wealthier, better parents, better partners, and better friends, especially with ourselves.

We recorded the interviews live. We received tons of "Thank You" comments, and we had no idea if the interviews help you break the silence . . .

Then, we spotted the "Elephant."

The Elephant's name is "Guilty Fear"

Guilty Fear is "The Elephant in the Room" when it comes to breaking the silence and talking about suicide. Guilty Fear comes from Myth Island.

"I am scared of putting the idea into her head."

"When I heard myself say these words, I realized that if I was scared of this myth, then probably many other parents are, too."
- Jackie Simmons, Director, Teen Suicide Prevention Society

Taming the elephant, Guilty Fear, turned into a year-long project that took Jackie onto the TEDx TenayaPaseo stage in Las Vegas and launched the mission to make teen suicide a thing of the past.

And now you're here!

Are you riding an "Elephant" too?
["Elephants" are the limiting beliefs that keep us from confidently talking about what's most important to us.]

Here at the Teen Suicide Prevention Society ("TSPS") we believe that the fastest way to tame an "Elephant" is to talk about it.

So, if you're ready for honest conversations, guidebooks that make it easy to hear what's really being said, and tools that boost your emotional intelligence, and increase your fun, you're in the right place.

The Membership area of the Teen Suicide Prevention Society is being built with the help of our amazing partners:

  • Cope Notes – Daily Mental Health Support delivered directly to your phone

  • Positive Prime – Neuroscience and Positive Psychology delivered directly to your brain

  • YouEQ – Neurogamified Emotional Intelligence building card games for the whole family

  • Evolution Health – Mental Health Screenings for Anxiety and Depression that are free and anonymous

  • Are you our next partner?

Checking out how our partners can help you, helps the Teen Suicide Prevention Society:

  • Each of our partners' programs  is specifically designed to build your mental and emotional resilience, effectively increasing your suicide "proofness"

  • Many of their programs are free, and designed to improve your mood and attitude, helping us effectively fulfill our mission. 

  • Each of their paid programs shares a portion of their revenue with TSPS and makes it possible for us to continue to reach out, teach programs to teens for free, and host The Suicide Prevention Show. 

  • Each of our partners also shares with us their knowledge and resources so that our programs keep getting better and more effective.

  • To see what each of them has for you, visit: www.TSPSociety.info

Want to stay in touch? Let us know how to help you.

Starting with one simple 4-question guide for having “The Talk” about suicide before you think it’s needed, the program grew to include “Talks” on “how to build boundaries and bounce bullies,” “how to see yourself through the eyes of kindness and get to know, like, and trust yourself,” and “how to make peace with your past and start living “should free.”
Jackie Simmons, co-founder and Director of the Teen Suicide Prevention Society

Special note for parents/adults responsible for teens. Our programs are for adults and teens age 13 years-of age and older. Before a teen can attend a program, you must fill in your part of their application form before their first class. You do not have to participate with them. However, if your teen invites you to help them practice, we hope you'll agree.

For more information on our current programs, please email: Info@TeenSuicidePreventionSociety.com

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