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We believe "The Talk That Saves Lives"
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Testimonials on "The Talk"

A Grateful Mother

I could not remember the script, however I remembered enough when I saw my son was struggling.  After asking "Why stay", he decided to get the help he needed.  Thank you so much.


Democratic Republic of the Congo

Thank you for "the guide" to have the talk. At this time, 16 girls in our community have decided to stay after having the talk.

Stop holding yourself back from talking about the tough topics, especially suicide

Get the guide and give
your family and friends
the support they deserve

Your caring can help, so don’t hold back!

We'll guide you every step of the way until you're sure they'll stay.

We offer trauma-informed support to:

Parents and Families

Teachers and Peers

Coaches and Healers


Reasons for Staying

What has been shared with us


My family and friends would miss me, I want to make this world a better place and I can't do that while dead, if I killed myself someone would have to clean up that mess

An Advocate

I matter and I am important


Not in any particular order:
1 - Having lost my mother to suicide, I have an understanding that can support others who experience losing a parent to suicide
2 - I have things to do and places to see and relationships to cherish.
3 - I love the Earth and my life here
4 - I love the work I do
5 - I love my animals
6 - I love the beings in my life
7 - I have so much to learn!
8 - I love the challenges of being here now
9 - I love my family
10 - I love the experiences I am having
11 - I love the park and the trees and the deep rivers
12 - so many more . . .

Young at Heart

Because I have not seen a unicorn yet

The Confident Owl

1 - My family
2 - My children
3 - God has a plan for me
4 - I have a mission and want to see it fulfilled
5 - My husband loves me and would be devastated if I wasn't here
6 - I realized that I am loved and wanted


Because merely being alive gives you options. If you are struggling, you can ask yourself "what are my options here? What would ease the burden of how I am feeling / what I am going through?" Even if you are struggling or unhappy now, you can surely find memories of past experiences of feeling happy - focus on those. If you have experienced happiness in the past, you can do so again.

Special note for parents/adults responsible for teens. Our programs are for adults and, with your permission, teens age 13 years-of age and older.  

For more information on our programs, get the guide to "The Talk That Saves Lives" and we'll send you our menu of services.

Teen Suicide Prevention Society, Inc. is a Florida Not-For-Profit Corporation in good standing since April 1, 2020, with an active IRS 501(c)3 Charity status.

FEIN #85-0630760

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