The Crack in the Foundation of Our World

The Crack in the Foundation of Our World

November 29, 2020 ◊ By Jackie Simmons

The Crack in the Foundation of Our World

Stress Happens.

Even in the season of giving thanks, giving gifts, and getting together. . . stress happens.

And this year, we’ve added in the complexity of dual-polarizing politics and pandemics.

The corporate conversations are filled with talk about ongoing uncertainty causing a stress-induced drop in productivity and subsequent spikes in anxiety.

What we’re hearing about the most though isn’t the expected reduction in profits next year . . .

What we’re hearing the most is concern, at the highest levels, that in 2021 American companies will be feeling the impact of a full-fledged “mental health tsunami.”

There’s never been a time where it’s clearer that the skills that got us here, may not get us through.

When the pandemic started, it was likened to being inside a cocoon. A safe place where transformation occurs. . . if we let it.

As the time passed, the cocoon has become tighter and tighter until now we’re dealing with what I call, COVID Compression. The sense that the pressure of uncertainty is increasing in every area of our lives.

And the hardest hit by the rising tide of uncertainty are those most vulnerable, our children.

Knowing that we're all in the same storm helps. Remembering that we’re not all in the same boat, may be even more beneficial.

Total acceptance that we DO NOT KNOW what other people, especially our children, are dealing with, we can only know our own boat. And the really good news is that’s good enough.

Reducing the stress-impact of current events on those around us (and ourselves) may be as simple as being willing to listen and being willing to share.

Helping others by listening to them without trying to problem-solve, strategize, or fix can be the greatest gift to both of you.

Listening to yourself, by talking out loud or journaling, without trying to problem-solve, strategize, or fix can be the greatest gift to yourself and everyone around you!

The art of listening, being present with another without judging them in any way, may be the one skill that can repair the “crack in the foundation of our world.”

Step 1: Be willing to stop being busy. . .
Step 2: Practice the breathing technique in the Journal Prompts area in the Resilience section
Step 3: Ask for a specific time to talk and give them the specific topic – “I’d love to just catch up, do you have time to talk tomorrow at. . . ?”
Step 4: Be willing to simply ask: “What’s the best thing that’s happened to you lately?” and then, just listen. . .
Step 5: Ask: “What else?” and just listen.
Repeat Step 5 for as long as they are willing to share.
Step 6: Thank them for making time to share their journey with you.

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