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Evolution Health

Evolution Health

Care for Everyone.
Effective treatment for depression, anxiety, and substance use. No waiting list.


Cope Notes

Goodbye, negative thoughts.
With just one text a day, you can train your brain to combat negativity.



If you’re dealing with insomnia, declining memory, scattered attention, difficulty learning, or chronically high levels of stress…
There might be a simple solution to help you feel better fast.


Sarasota FL

We would like to invite you to experience, first-hand, the Ultimate Bio-Hack®



The relationship architects at YouEQ reveal the simple secrets of relationship building through conversation.
Social, Emotional, and Conversational Mastery is the foundation we use when supporting people around the globe to create an environment that nurtures relationships in every realm of life.

Owl & Thistle

Owl & Thistle

Letting people know that they are loved and matter can save their life.

Just in Time

Just In Time Wellness App

With the Just In Time Wellness app, you can stay connected to your Inner Circle of trusted friends and loved ones, embark on your wellness journey and have many resources at your fingertips when in crisis.

Scattering Hope

Scattering Hope

Helping Families Heal After Suicide, One Day at a Time.

Special note for parents/adults responsible for teens. Our programs are for adults and, with your permission, teens age 13 years-of age and older.  

For more information on our programs, get the guide to "The Talk That Saves Lives" and we'll send you our menu of services.

Teen Suicide Prevention Society, Inc. is a Florida Not-For-Profit Corporation in good standing since April 1, 2020, with an active IRS 501(c)3 Charity status.

FEIN #85-0630760

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