Use These Gifts to Harness the Power of Positive Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, and Neuroscience.
In 3 minutes you can improve your mood, increase your focus, and get into "flow,"
so that you achieve your goals in half the time and take control of your life.

Press play on any of the mindset reset gifts below.

Select the speed that you want to watch it on, sit back and enjoy. 

3-minutes at any speed is scientifically validated to put

your brain on positive for 6-8 hours.

Wait for the player to load - Click on the image to see the controls
Press the Play icon - Hide the controls by moving your cursor or
tapping your finger outside the player window.

Leaving Shouldville by Jackie Simmons

Click on the image to get started priming your brain for success!

The Universe says “YES!” by Rev. Kelly Kaelin

Click on this image to support and improve your intuition!

Holding Space, Love, and Happiness by Katie Miller

Click on the image to start getting to know yourself better.

The sessions above were created to support your mental and emotional wellbeing and the mission to end teen suicide.

This page is sponsored by Positive Prime, Success Journey Academy, and the Conscious Transformational Coaches™

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