We Believe Suicide Prevention Starts BEFORE You Think They Need It

Every 30 seconds, one teen takes action
on the thought
that dying is better than living.


The worst part is . . .



Our mission: Help you share the power of optimism and hope.


We believe that waiting for signs is looking for TROUBLE.


Can you see how we don't know who’s pretending to be happy, who’s masking dark thoughts, who’s struggling with grief having lost a friend, or who’s struggling to stay alive?


We know The Talk That Saves Lives  WORKS, especially BEFORE you think they need it. 


Find out how you can start saving lives today!

The truth: the first sign that your teen’s in trouble could be an attempt . . . and they don’t all survive.

Grab your seat for this 1-hour Masterclass and learn:

    • How to get past the eye-rolling and get your teen talking. 
    • How to get your teen to tell you what matters most.
    • What to say. You'll get the exact words to use to get your teen to open up.
    • What not to say and why not to say it. 
    • What to do next and when to get help.


Are you tired of asking your kid(s) to talk, only to have them roll their eyes?


Do you wonder what your kid(s) find meaningful?


Do you wish you had more influence on them, or at least knew who does?


Did you know that in over 1,000 “Talks”:

    • More than 10% have survived at least one attempt
    • More than 25% have thoughts of leaving that way
    • More than 60% have a story, they know someone who’s tried or died
    • More than 80% have heard about the rising tide of suicide and 
    • ALL of them have reasons to stay!

That’s right.

100% have shared reasons for staying, and we’ve learned that it only takes ONE.
ONE reason for staying is enough to interrupt a life-stealing pattern of negative thinking. 


Join us in saving lives!

Meet your HOST:

Hi, I’m Jackie Simmons and I’ve got your back. You’re not alone and neither is your kid. Helping you step up and break the silence on suicide with your kids is NOT WHAT I THOUGHT I’D BE DOING at this point in my life.

I know all about this elephant in the room. I lived with one. I sold myself on the idea that as long as my daughter was getting professional help, we didn’t need to talk about it . . . I was wrong.

EVERYONE needs to talk about it.

According to the Center for Disease Control, not talking about suicide is a risk factor of suicide. BUT, I didn’t know that when my daughter was in counseling.

No one told me that needing counseling was an indicator that my child was at risk of taking her own life!

NO ONE TOLD ME! Maybe they didn’t know.

Maybe it doesn’t matter now. Now I've learned that ONE out of every four people I meet is grieving the loss of a loved one to suicide. And ONE out of every four teens I meet is struggling to stay alive.

Since I can’t tell by looking, I just assume that we’re all at risk and do my best to bring the power of optimism and hope into the lives of everyone I meet.

I want YOU to go and do likewise.

Jackie Simmons R

It’s time to stand up
and speak out against the silence that’s so deadly. 

We’ve got your back, and you’ll get the guide, so start NOW.

We Believe that Suicide Prevention should be
Safe, Sane, Simple, and FUN.

Five reasons to have The Talk That Saves Lives today:

    • It’s fun – because you will see their brain re-wire as you talk.
    • It’s proven – with neuroscience and evidence-based stress management techniques.
    • It’s safe – because the precisely-worded guide prevents accidentally triggering trauma.
    • It’s sane – because it’s designed to work with the brain the way the brain really works.
    • It’s simple – because we understand that you already have a lot on your plate.

While most suicide prevention programs focus on watching for signs and looking for changes in attitude and behavior, WE DON'T.

Haven’t you lost enough sleep already?

We want you to treat suicide prevention the same way you treat preventing pregnancy, preventing drug use, and preventing alcohol use . . . PRO-ACTIVELY. 

After all, wouldn’t you agree that most parents talk to their kids about sex BEFORE they’re pregnant?

And isn’t it wise to talk with your kids about drugs BEFORE they’re in rehab?

And wouldn't you talk to your kids about alcohol BEFORE they’ve lost their license for drunk driving?

So . . . doesn’t it make sense to talk with your kids about suicide BEFORE they’re struggling with suicidal thinking?

Will you?

Proactively break the silence and shift your kid’s thinking into more positive routes.


Wait until you see signs that they’re struggling with suicidal thinking, and then get them professional help . . . if it’s not too late.

Which choice is the smarter choice?

I got lucky, my daughter survived.

That’s right. My daughter survived, not because I was smart, I wasn’t.

She survived because we got lucky. I don’t want you to count on LUCK!

Let me have your back on this. Trust me that you’ve got what it takes to go PRO-active with your teen by using:

A compelling invitation that your teen will say “yes” to.
Two simple rules so that your teen feels safe being honest with you.
Four direct questions that leave no doubt as to your teen’s awareness of suicide.
One straightforward path to get help without tripping an involuntary stay on a psych ward.


    • Drug use
    • Pregnancy
    • Alcohol abuse
    • Any undesired behavior-based outcome

Help save more lives . . . your $20 trains one teen.

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