Jackie Simmons

Leaving Shouldville

Shouldville is a weird little town that has lots of places to live and very few reasons to live there. In Shouldville, people hang out and talk about all their reasons for not moving out. After all, most families have been living in Shouldville for generations – sharing lots of shame and blame and very […]

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And Then There Were Elephants

The “Elephant in the Room” metaphor is often used to describe something obvious to others that we usually cannot see. The “Elephant in the Room” is whatever holds us back, makes us sad, keeps us frustrated, or pisses us off. Are you good at spotting other people’s elephants? What about your own? My “Elephant” showed

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A Silent Epidemic

My life took a dramatic turn in August when one of my students delivered a 7-minute talk that rocked my world. I’m still trying to grasp the magnitude of the “startling statistic” she shared. Did you know that teens are attempting to take their own lives at the rate of over 3,000 a day? .

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50 Years in an Invisible Jail

For 50 years his body and soul harbored the trauma of seeing his parents’ heads battered & bloody and his brother’s knees crushed into the dashboard – he had tried therapy, meditation, & prayer – nothing helped for long. Why was this so deeply ingrained? His memory was accompanied by excruciating pain from his own

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